20 Best Rom-com Movies To Watch On Netflix

Love is the best feeling in the universe, right? If you are heartbroken or bored with your everyday life, what else other than a Rom-Com will make you feel good. Some people call them ‘snacking movies’. I mean, bawling your eyes out while watching a movie and hogging on popcorn is snacking too. 

These Romantic Comedies are surely here to lighten up your day or your week, if you’re going to binge on them. The Best part about them is despite all the hoopla during the movie, the prince and princess end up together and live happily ever after. So, this turns out different than your personal love story, which makes you feel better about yourself. Maybe a little.

So, Hop on Netflix and line up these Sweet & Sour Romantic Comedies, and you’ll need some nachos with it. Go full Rambo on it and binge on them alone or call up a girlfriend *wink* and ask her to join you. 

1. About Time

If you’re ready to be attacked by the feels, then you can watch this movie. Tim, has the ability to Time Travel, but he hasn’t perfected it yet. He decides to use Time Travel to meet Mary. What happens when he succeeds and meets her? Watch About Time on Netflix, hoping you enjoy this Sci-fi Rom-Com Masterpiece.

Also, this film teased me with a lesbian Margot Robbie for about 0.4 secs and then cruelly ripped her away from me. 

2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Creating a fake relationship contract and then falling in love with each other, yeah, I just gave you the synopsis for the movie. Kavinsky has the vibe of a young Mark Ruffalo and Lara is a terrible driver, cannot believe that the male and female leads have been reduced to Sixteen candles and Fight Club.

A cute and wholesome ROM COM, but my advice is to fellow women out there is that if a guy likes Fight Club, run the other direction.

3. The Kissing Booth

Elle Even, the most unpopular girl in school plans to put up a kissing booth in order to kiss her crush. Later finding out that her crush is her best friend’s brother!! This Movie is the 13 Reasons Why for singles who hate themselves. Watch ‘The Kissing Booth’ on Netflix,to find out if Elle kisses her crush or you can also watch it for Jacob Elordi.

4. When We First Met

Imagine whenever you mess up with your girl, you get to go back in time and do it again. I mean to fix the mess. That’s what exactly this rom-com is about. The Hero keeps going back to the time when they first met, so he can try to win her again in a better way. Everyone deserves a second chance, but more than that? Nah, in this Movie? Yes. Now grab some popcorn and watch ‘When We First Met’ on Netflix.

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5. Naked

Make sure you choose a proper Best Man for your Wedding Day. The one here takes the groom on a wild night out. The Hero finds himself naked in the elevator on his wedding day! And something makes him relive that moment again and again. It’s frustrating being in an infinite loop, and that too being naked with your wand out. Watch Naked on Netflix and find out if Rob ends up in clothes or not.

6. Always Be My Maybe

Two Childhood Best friends have been estranged for 15 years, and fate brings them together once again. Sasha and Marcus have changed and so have their views on life. They fight like every other best friend out there. But they realize that they do feel attracted to each other, watch Always Be My Maybe to find out if the Chef and Musician end up together.

7. Christmas Inheritance

Ellen, who is the daughter of a very wealthy businessman, is the person who will inherit her father’s business. But that’s only happening if she delivers a Christmas Card to her father’s former lover in a small snowy town. This journey teaches her the values of life and money. To know what happens next, watch it on Netflix.

8. The Perfect Date

Noah Centineo, the chocolate boy, hired by Netflix, is seen in a similar role in this rom-com. The Hero is a High School Senior who sells his service by an app, which isn’t only fans. No, he creates one where he sells his service to be a fake boyfriend. 

At this point, It feels like Noah Centineo is locked up in a basement under Netflix headquarters.

9. The Princess Switch

What’s better than Vanessa Hudgens? Duh, Two Vanessa Hudgens! When a girl working as a baker and a soon to be princess find out they are lookalikes, they decide to switch their places in life and try something new and sneaky. They both fall in love after the trade. What’s going to happen next? Watch ‘The Princess Switch on Netflix.

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10. The Incredible Jessica James

Sometimes Blind Dates guide us to Charming App Developer Men, who know how to treat women. Jessica is a woman who is down with a bad breakup but still knows that she’s a tall cocoa queen. How will it unfold when Jessica falls for a divorced app developer? Will she get over her breakup? Find out only on Netflix.

11. Set It Up

We all have that one friend who is like, Hey, can you “Set it Up” for me with that friend of yours. This is something similar, where two underpaid and overworked assistants try to get the bosses off their back by deciding to set them up with each other. 

You will love this flirty rom-com, also a drunk Zoey Deutch protecting her pizza with her life is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen.

12. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

A Netflix new age rom-com, which happens to have Noah as the male lead? Nothing new here. So Lara and Peter are official in this sequel, but a guy who has receives one of her love letters enters the picture here. 

Will Lara Jean make the right choice or not, also Noah Centineo is to Netflix what Timothee Chalamet is to A24.

13. The Breaker Upperers

A Story about Two best friends starting a Business, where they create a plan on breaking up couples and get paid in return. One of them grows conscience out of nowhere and things start to unravel from there.

This Kiwi Rom-Com would be the perfect date movie for you, also I think the NZ Film Industry are like 13 people and they are all best friends. 

14. Murder Mystery

These real-life besties come together for this Murder Mystery. Jennifer Aniston is the Rom to Adam Sandler’s Com in this fun yet loving movie. The couple is invited to a Billionaire’s party on a lavish yacht, and things take a weird turn when the Billionaire is found dead and everyone present on the boat turns into a murder suspect. 

Adam Sandler seems like a guy who is always tired and hungry, that’s why he is so relatable to us. Watch the mystery unravel on Netflix.

15. Mr. Right

16. Holidate

We all know how it feels, when there are couples around kissing on New Years Eve and the only thing you’re kissing is the beer jug. These characters meet on a terrible Christmas evening and decide to be each others platonic halves during any holidays throughout the year. 

The Twist? Yeah, they fall in Love, like every other rom com couple does. 

17. Nappily Ever After

Nappily Ever After is a romantic comedy where true romance is about loving yourself for being exactly who you are. Violet discovers that she needs to sort herself out after a bad break-up. She walks the path of accepting herself the way she is. 

Be yourself, love yourself and don’t let toxic boys like clint push you into being something you’re not. Watch this Amazing Rom com on Netflix now.

18. Silver Linings Playbook

This rom-com highlights mental health issues and how two dysfunctional people can move on with each other despite being batshit crazy in their own different ways. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play their characters so well that you won’t pay attention that there’s Robert Di Nero in this movie.

Imagine trying to prove to someone you’re not crazy by going out to dinner and ordering Raisin Bran. It was funny when she said, “I Hate the fact that you wore a football jersey to a dinner, but you can fuck me if you turn the lights off” only to get denied by Bradley’s character.

Watch Silver Linings Playbook on Netflix.

19. The Wrong Missy

It all starts with the Hero going out on dates with two girls named Missy, then he ends up texting and invites the wrong Missy to join him on a company vacation. The Missy he invites is a crazy girl who just wants to party, but later it turns out to be a good decision despite all the craziness. 

20. The Lovebirds

A Netflix Romantic Comedy starring a Black Woman and Brown Man? Yes, please! A couple who is going through relationship problems (I mean, who doesn’t?) but the show starts when they get accidentally stuck into a Murder Mystery. 

They go through many crazy events throughout the movie just to clear their names as Murder suspects. It’s a very Hit and Miss, but the jokes hit more than they miss. Issa Rae & Kumal Nanijiani give their best to us.

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