8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Why is it important to have proper gut health? Researchers have found out that if one has an unhealthy gut, there are chances that the person’s overall health is bad too. A healthy digestive system means a healthy nervous system and healthy hair, skin, nails, etc. A Bad Digestive System can cause problems like inconsistent sleep patterns, high-stress levels, flaky skin, hair fall, etc.
There are billions of good bacteria cells, which carry out roles to your gut healthy and your health in the best condition. It is our duty to keep the gut microbiomes healthy, so we can have a good digestive system that allows our body to function properly.
Looking for tips to fix your digestive issues? Here are 8 Ways to start improving your Gut Health.

1. Consume Fermented Food

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Fermentation is where food undergoes a process in which the sugar is destroyed by yeast and bacteria. It produces more lactobacilli which are good for your gut health. Yogurt consumers have more lactobacilli in their digestive systems than anyone else; This helps their gut fight chronic gut conditions which cause inflammation. Here are some other fermented foods other than yogurt that you can munch on:

  • Kimchi
  • Kombucha
  • Yogurt
  • Pickles
  • Sauerkraut (Refrigerated)
  • Apple Cider
  • Beet Kvas

2. Eat more Probiotics

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Probiotics are microorganisms that protect the human system and deliver health benefits. Our body relies on microorganisms that help our body fight bad health conditions. Being the good bacteria, probiotics play a major role in helping the system. They improve the absorption of nutrients and vitamins and help fight germs from the throat to the stomach.
You can find plenty of Probiotic drinks out in the market nowadays, but some of them contain sugar which spoils the whole point of consuming a probiotic. You can also have the benefits naturally by eating fermented foods and cultured milk, which will help you keep your gut tip top.

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3. Go Green! Have a Plant-Based Diet

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Recent studies have shown that people facing gut issues have successfully reduced them by switching to a more plant-based diet. It shows that a green diet benefits the microbiomes in the intestines. Vegetables have a high fiber content, which helps to control the body weight and reduces the levels of bad bacteria.
Even though the Vegan or Vegetarian diet increases the gut microbiome, However, it still isn’t proven that the meat intake is harmful for the human gut. So Go Green! For Nature and for your Gut.

4. Sweat it out & Exercise your Body

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Exercising is one of the most important things to keep in mind while keeping your body healthy. Getting the heart pumping and sweating is good for your gut microbiome. People who are engaged in more physical activities are known to have fewer gut problems and a strong body, but you also need to mix exercise with food which is good for your health.
You don’t need to be a professional weightlifter to start helping your gut. You can start with small exercises like jogging, bodyweight exercises or any other strength training. Being consistent is the key to a healthy body. Just keep going on with it and see if your gut bacteria will help you fight digestive battles.

5. Reduce the Stress

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Stress is one of the worst things for your health. It affects your mental health, your physical health and your gut health. When you’re going through stress, it affects your microbiomes. This affects your whole body because microbiomes influence every other organ, including the brain.
The increase in stress levels causes a reduction in lactobacilli which is an important Probiotic bacteria. It also affects your mood and makes you cranky.
To prevent this, try out different exercises like meditation and breathing exercises which will reduce your stress levels.

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6. Sleep Well and Enough

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Sleep is very important for our digestive system, as our body follows a biological clock that starts most of its work when we are asleep. If you are not getting enough or inconsistent sleep, then the gut system is messed up because of a bad schedule. Alcohol and caffeine intake during late hours can cause improper sleep patterns. This habit causes weight gain and a bad gut.
Having a bad sleep schedule or sleep deprivation is bad for your brain and your whole body altogether, so sleep well and eat well for a happy gut.

7. Munch on Dark Chocolates

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Who wouldn’t like to munch on chocolates to stay healthy? One of the finest and tastiest creations of humankind also happens to be good for our gut health. Dark Chocolate is rich in copper, iron, magnesium, flavanols and phosphorus, it also helps to keep our brain healthy and prevents any kind of heart issues.
The Microbiomes in our gut are crazy for chocolates like us. Who would have thought this right. When consumed in moderation, Dark Chocolate can be a healthy snack that helps you to keep your gut and body healthy and your taste buds happy.

8. Have Good Oral Health

8 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

Brushing and flossing regularly is important for your oral health. Now you must be thinking “How is my Oral Health connected to my Gut?”, well recent studies have shown that if you bad bacteria in your mouth it can travel to your intestines and cause problems. The Oral bacteria reduces the immunity of the stomach against infections it also has higher risks if IBD if the gut has weakened badly. So, if you keep your mouth clean, it will help your stomach stay healthy.

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To conclude, Know that your gut holds power over your whole body’s health. This will make you be careful about what you eat and drink. Having a good lifestyle, eating well, and avoiding junk can be the first steps towards a healthy digestive system. Start making small changes every day to improve your life, hit the gym, add healthy foods in your system, meditate, sleep well and avoid any kind of harmful medications. Just try to keep the gut microbiome happy like it’s your life partner and it will show you love in the form of a healthy body and mind.

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