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We have curated every single item that you might need for traveling. Go through each list one-by-one to remember all the essentials. If you missed out any item, you can quickly buy it from Amazon.

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Smart Travel Packing Tips - How To Pack Your Suitcase

We know how stressful it can be to try and remember all the little things you might need for an upcoming trip. On top of that, trying to search and find the best deals online for it all…ugh! We agree—it takes way too much time and effort.

Therefore, we have gone out of our way just to make things much easier and relaxing. How have we done this, you ask?

Well, the answer to that question is below. We have curated an ultimate travel checklist that includes just about any item you might need, and for any kind of journey you may be embarking on.

We’ve made sure that it’s also very simple to use our packing page to buy any item you don’t have. First, you’ll want to select a checklist from the menu. Once the checklist opens in the sidebar, click on any item to shop the popular products from Amazon.

Although we have curated and suggested some general medicines in our health checklist, it’s important and always recommended to consult with the doctors before making a purchase.

Without further adieu, we give you our travel checklist and packing tips, curated especially for you!


  • Create an “Essentials” list

    This means anything that would be dire to have with you on your trip. Passport, phone charger, hand sanitizer, plane ticket (if printing is required), any cash you think you’ll need, travel insurance, etc. Do this first!


  • Start packing ahead of time

    Although an obvious tip, it’s easier than you’d think to just convince yourself you can handle it all last minute. Doing this will help you be able to avoid the above “mental outfit planning” we cautioned against! Don’t be lazy. Start early.
  • Pack light

    You want to be prepared and make sure you don’t forget anything, but at the same time, you don’t want to feel weighed down by too much stuff.

Try not to over-pack shoes. They take up the most room, and it isn’t a big deal to re-wear shoes a few times. Chances are, you don’t need a different pair of shoes for each outfit, so try and pack those pretty scarcely.

Always bring a small backpack that you can use to carry necessities with you everywhere while traveling, and keep the bigger luggage bags at the hotel.

Leave some space for shopping, buying souvenirs and gifts.


  • Plan out your outfits

    Try them on ahead of time. This will massively help you avoid both over-packing and under-packing. If you’ve already tried it all on, you’ll know exactly what you’re wearing and which day.

This can be tedious work for the non-planning type, but trust us—you’ll be so glad you did later on. Packing just the right amount will allow you any extra room you might want for bringing souvenirs back, and it’ll be less stressful when trying to stay within baggage weight limits as well.

It might be tempting to throw all caution to the wind and just “plan outfits in your head”, hoping you’ll figure things out by having plenty of options, but you will regret it!


  • Make sure you’ve got all your toiletries

    Make a physical list of these, because it can be easy to forget while just planning in your head. If it helps, go through your daily routine in your head. This way, you won’t leave anything out from your typical routine. Then, think outside the box and picture yourself in your destination spot (or spots). What else might you need that you might not use on a daily basis? Luckily, this isn’t as ‘life or death’ as other packing items—you can usually get anything forgotten along the road, or in your hotel.


  • Travel comfort things

    Don’t forget that you have a journey to undertake before you actually reach your destination, so pack for comfort! If a neck pillow and blanket will make things more relaxing, then make sure to put them somewhere accessible (not in your checked baggage, for example).


  • Pack a laundry bag

    This might not be a bad idea, especially if you’d rather keep your dirty clothes and your clean clothes separated. You can also use it to transfer your laundry from your suitcase to a laundry room, if you’ll be doing laundry while traveling.


  • Bring a portable towel

    There are lots of great travel towels we’ve seen, and this is a big thing if you’re doing some backpacking. You’ll want a towel that doesn’t retain too much water, and therefore won’t remain damp and get smelly at any point. You can hang it up in your hostel room, and re-use as needed.


  • Consider activities you may be doing

    This will determine the shoes you pack. If you’ll be doing hiking, for example, remember that you may need to pack hiking boots. Make sure you’re keeping weather and climate in mind throughout your packing process.


  • Roll your clothes!

    This is a great method travelers use for saving space, if that becomes an issue for you.


  • Consider vacuum-sealing

    This is another great way to save space. You’d be surprised how much space is taken up just by air alone. You may want to go ahead and start perusing vacuum sealing tools through our site.


  • Separate your clothes into sections

    Put tops in one section of your suitcase, and pants in another, for example. This helps to keep you and your outfits organized.


  • Always put liquids in plastic bags

    This not only helps to maintain the required liquid amounts for TSA, but it also keeps your liquid toiletry items from spilling out and onto your clothes! Protect your suitcase as well as your belongings (plus waste of your liquid items) by always protecting them inside plastic zip lock bags.


  • Download anything you might want for entertainment

    Let’s be honest—you will get bored on your flight/car ride at some point. While it’s best to try and be in the moment and enjoy the views, you may want to pass the time a little more quickly at certain monotonous points of your travels.


  • Charge your electronics

    Charge your electronics and load up all your portable devices - Mobile, laptop, camera, tablet, drone, portable battery, earphones, and anything else to read, play, or watch.

Chances are you might not get electric outlets everywhere when in need or you won’t get enough time to charge everything.


There you have our ultimate travel checklist and packing tips all in one, just for you! Get going on your packing—the sooner you finish it all, the sooner you can look forward to an amazing trip, relax, and simply enjoy being in the moment.

Happy travels!


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