Frequently Asked Questions About Heimaey Island

When is the best time to travel to Heimaey Island?

The best time to visit Heimaey Island is during the summer months, from May through August. During this period, the temperatures are mild and the days are long. This is also the peak season for many of the island’s tourist attractions such as whale watching, birdwatching, hiking, golfing, and more. The summer months also bring plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy on Heimaey Island. Temperatures can dip in late autumn and early spring so it’s important to dress appropriately for any outdoor activity at these times. Additionally, some winter activities may be available depending on conditions—ice skating or sledding might be possible if there is enough snow and ice present.

Which area is best to stay in Heimaey Island?

The best area to stay in Heimaey Island is the town of Vestmannaeyjar. This is the main settlement on the island and it has a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts. It’s also home to some great restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops. The nearby harbor offers excellent fishing opportunities as well as boat tours for visitors who are interested in exploring more of what the island has to offer. There are plenty of outdoor activities near Vestmannaeyjar too—hiking trails, golf courses, beaches—so you’ll always be close to something fun during your stay.

What are some of the best sights to see in Heimaey Island?

Here are some of the popular attractions in Heimaey Island:

1. Birdwatching: Home to a diverse range of bird species, Heimaey Island is an excellent destination for birdwatchers.

2. Whale Watching: Many species of whales and dolphins can be seen in this area, making it a great spot to observe these majestic creatures.

3. Golfing: There are two 18 hole courses on the island offering breathtaking views as you play.

4. Hiking: Whether you’re looking for short nature trails or longer treks, there are plenty of options here.

5. Boating Tours: See the island from a different perspective with boat tours around its coast.

6. Swimming & Beaching: The island has some wonderful beaches with crystal-clear waters.

7. Shopping & Dining: With a range of shops and restaurants, there’s something for everyone here.

8. Volcanic Cave Exploration: Explore the caves that were created by the island’s 1973 volcanic eruption.

9. Horse Riding: Take in the stunning scenery from atop one of the Icelandic horses available on Heimaey Island.

Which food places should I try in Heimaey Island?

Here are some of the best places to eat in Heimaey Island:

1. Eldhús Bistro: A cozy bistro that serves up local seafood specialties.

2. Kjálgerði Café & Restaurant: An excellent spot for lunch and dinner with a view of the harbor.

3. Skalinn Restaurant: Enjoy delicious Icelandic cuisine here with amazing views of the island’s coastline.

4. Þríhnúkagígur Volcano Restaurant: Located near a dormant volcano, this eatery serves up traditional dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

5. Grillurinn BBQ & Bar: This restaurant offers both traditional Icelandic grills as well as international favorites like burgers and ribs.

6. Eldborg: A popular eatery serving traditional Icelandic dishes with a modern twist.

7. Skálinn Café: Enjoy amazing sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes and pastries in this cozy café.

8. Sæheimar Fish Restaurant: For some delicious seafood specialties, head to Sæheimar for fantastic fish dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

9. Jónsmessa Coffee Shop: This cozy cafe offers artisan coffees and teas as well as tasty snacks and treats.

What are some good shopping spots in Heimaey Island?

Heimaey Island has a range of shopping options for visitors. Here are some of the best places to do shopping while visiting:

1. The Old Town Centre: This area is home to a variety of stores, with something for everyone.

2. Rekavik Shopping Center: Offering a larger selection than the Old Town Centre, this mall has all kinds of shops and restaurants.

3. Heimaey Market Hall: Open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am – 4 pm, this is the perfect place to pick up fresh produce or purchase souvenirs.

4. Geitafell Craft Shop & Gallery: Showcasing local artisans’ work, you can find handmade jewelry, bags, knitted items, and more here.

5. Geitafell Gift Shop: This shop sells a range of souvenirs that are perfect for taking home with you after your trip.

6. Álftanes Book & Music Store: A great place to find books, CDs and DVDs from Icelandic authors as well as international favorites.

7. Náttúruverzlun Vinna: Pick up locally made food products such as jams, breads, honey and chocolates at this store.

8. Skutuvogur Grocery Store: A convenient spot to pick up everyday essentials while in Heimaey Island.

What are the best places to enjoy nightlife in Heimaey Island?

Heimaey Island has a vibrant nightlife scene with plenty of options for visitors looking to stay up and have some fun. Here are some good spots to spend your nights out in Heimaey Island:

1. Kjálgerði Café & Bar: A great spot for drinks and dancing, this bar also hosts live music events.

2. Þríhnúkagígur Volcano Restaurant: Enjoy the stunning views while sipping on a cocktail or two at this restaurant.

3. Klubburinn Club: Located in the Old Town Centre, this nightclub is open until late and often features DJs from around Iceland playing all kinds of music genres.

4. Laugalækur Pub: Catch up with friends over some beers and traditional pub grub.

5. Kaffi Eyrarborg: This popular cafe transforms into a lively bar in the evenings, serving up delicious drinks and snacks.

6. Skálinn Café: Enjoy live music performances at this cozy café while having drinks or dinner.

7. Álftanes Book & Music Store: A great spot for book lovers looking to grab a drink and discuss their favorite reads.

8. Grillurinn BBQ & Bar: Come here to enjoy delicious barbecue dishes alongside your favorite drinks and cocktails.

What are some nearby day trips from Heimaey Island?

Heimaey Island is surrounded by beautiful nature, making it the perfect base for day trips and excursions. Here are some of the best spots to explore while visiting Heimaey Island:

1. Eldfell Volcano: A popular spot for hiking and exploring the volcanic landscape, with stunning views from the top!

2. Stórhöfði Nature Reserve: This area offers a variety of trails suitable for all levels of hikers, taking you through lava fields and lush valleys.

3. Westman Islands National Park: Featuring some of Iceland’s most diverse wildlife, this park is ideal for birdwatching or spotting seals.

4. Mt. Heimaklettur (Homecliff Mountain): Climb up this steep mountain for breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

5. Reykjanes Heritage Museum: Learn about Iceland’s history and culture at this museum, featuring displays and artifacts from the past.

6. Lighthouse at Klettsviti: Visit this majestic lighthouse located on top of a cliff for spectacular views over the sea.

7. Surtsey Island Nature Reserve: Tour one of the world’s youngest islands off the coast of Heimaey Island, where you can spot seabirds and other wildlife.