Frequently Asked Questions About Tazarine

Which time of the year is best to travel in Tazarine?

The best time to visit Tazarine is between the months of March and May or October and December. While temperatures are mild throughout the year, they do become quite hot in the summer months, making them less ideal for sightseeing. In addition, spring and autumn bring very pleasant weather, perfect for trekking and exploring the area’s diverse landscape. There is also plenty of sunshine during these times, so make sure to come prepared with sunscreen! When planning your trip to Tazarine, you will want to consider what activities you plan on doing as well as any events that may be occurring during your time there.

Where to stay in Tazarine?

The best area to stay in Tazarine is the city of Goulimime. Located in the province of Guelmim-Es Smara, Goulimime is the perfect place for visitors to explore the surrounding area. The city is home to some unique attractions such as a kasbah, traditional markets and an old Jewish cemetery. In addition, there are also several historic sites nearby that are worth visiting such as Tazarine Castle and Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch Mosque. There are plenty of lodging options available ranging from guesthouses to hotels making it easy for visitors to find something suitable for their budget and needs.

Some of the most popular attractions in Tazarine include:

1. Tazarine Castle: Located in the village of Matmata, this castle was built in the 16th century and is still standing today. This impressive structure features a mud brick tower with beautiful views of the surrounding valley.

2. Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch Mosque: Founded in 1894, this mosque is one of the largest religious sites in Morocco. It is also considered to be one of the oldest mosques in western Africa.

3. Tagounite Oasis: An oasis found near Goulimime, Tagounite is an ideal destination for enjoying some peace and relaxation among lush gardens and palm trees. Visitors can also take part in activities such as camel riding, sandboarding and camel trekking.

4. Kasbah Tinghir: Located in the city of Tinghir, this kasbah is an important historical site that has been restored to its former glory. Visitors can wander the grounds and explore all of the beautiful gardens, courtyards and buildings within it.

5. Tan-Tan Plage: Found on the outskirts of Goulimime, this beach is a popular spot for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. The crystal clear waters make it a great place for snorkeling and other water sports.

Some of the best places to eat food in Tazarine include:

1. La Maison de Marrakech: Located in Goulimime, this traditional Moroccan restaurant serves tasty and authentic dishes such as tagines, couscous and kefta.

2. Café Rita: This charming cafe is located in Tinghir and offers a variety of freshly prepared meals from both Moroccan and international cuisines.

3. Restaurant Yacout: Founded in 1970, this eatery specializes in delicious seafood dishes such as grilled prawns, calamari and fish skewers.

4. Chez Laila: A popular spot for locals and visitors alike, Chez Laila has been serving up traditional Moroccan dishes for over 25 years.

5. La Maison du Gourmet: Located in Goulimime, this restaurant is a great choice for those looking to try some modern fusion cuisine. The menu features both classic Moroccan and international dishes.

Which are the best shopping spots in Tazarine?

Some of the best places to do shopping in Tazarine include:

1. Guelmim Market: This traditional market is located in Goulimime and offers a variety of goods such as spices, clothing, jewelry and souvenirs.

2. Tinghir Souk: Founded in the 18th century, this bustling souk is home to numerous stalls selling everything from handcrafted pottery to leather goods.

3. Tagounite Boutiques: A great place for those looking for unique gifts or souvenirs, these boutiques offer a range of items from local artisans.

4. La Cote d’ Ambre: Located in Sidi Ifni, this upscale shop specializes in the sale of luxurious items such as perfumes, jewelry and fashion accessories.

5. Tanger Outlets: This shopping center is located in Tangier and offers a wide selection of international brands from around the world.

What are some good nightlife spots in Tazarine?

Some of the best nightlife options in Tazarine include:

1. Le Grand Cafe: Located in Goulimime, this stylish bar and lounge offers a range of cocktails, wines and beers. Live music is often played in the evenings.

2. La Casa de la Musica: This nightclub is located in Tangier and features some of the hottest DJs from around the world. Guests can also enjoy signature drinks and hookah in the outdoor garden area.

3. Kasbah Club: Founded in 1998, this club is located inside the historic Kasbah Tinghir and offers an energetic atmosphere with live DJ performances every weekend.

4. Syphax Lounge Bar: Situated near Sidi Ifni, this vibrant bar has a relaxed vibe and serves a wide range of drinks and snacks.

5. Jardin de la Chame: Located in Tinghir, this lively bar is a great place to meet people and enjoy some late-night partying.

What are some good day trips near Tazarine?

Some of the best day trips near Tazarine include:

1. Merzouga Desert: Located in Eastern Morocco, Merzouga is one of the largest desert regions in the world. Visitors can explore its vast sand dunes and take part in activities such as camel riding and sand boarding.

2. Chefchaouen: This picturesque mountain town is known for its blue-painted buildings and winding alleyways. There are a variety of restaurants, shops and cafes to explore during a visit.

3. Ouzoud Waterfalls: Founded in 2004, these majestic waterfalls are surrounded by lush greenery and offer stunning views of the surrounding area. Guests can also enjoy swimming in some of the nearby pools.

4. Imlil Valley: Located in the Atlas Mountains, this stunning valley is a great place to hike and explore its numerous small villages, rivers and waterfalls.

5. Ait Benhaddou: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of Morocco’s oldest cities and has been used as the backdrop for several movies, including Lawrence of Arabia and Gladiator.