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Isabella Grayson

Isabella Grayson is a London-based freelance travel writer and photographer with a passion for exploring new cultures and remote destinations. A graduate of the London School of Economics with a degree in International Relations, she uses her background in politics and history to provide context and depth to her writing. Experience & Expertise: • Over a decade of experience as a travel writer, photographer, and cultural commentator. • Contributions to leading publications such as Travopo, The Guardian, The Independent, and Conde Nast Traveler. • Specializes in cultural immersion, adventure travel, and sustainable tourism. Highlights: • Published a collection of essays on her travels throughout Africa and the Middle East, which received critical acclaim. • Hosts a popular podcast, "Journeys with Isabella," where she interviews travelers, writers, and experts on topics related to travel and culture. • Has visited all seven continents and is currently working on a project to document the world's most endangered languages.
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