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[Spin The Globe] - NEW! Travel Challenge by Travopo

Take the new travel challenge – Spin the globe and travel to random destination.

What is "Spin The Globe" Challenge?

Spin The Globe is a fun travel challenge wherein you spin the globe to get a random destination from around the world to explore.

Your destination place could be a city, region, country or attraction. Your destination will be chosen at random from our massive list of the best places to visit on the planet.

How To Take "Spin The Globe" Challenge?

1. Enter the names of the travelers. Select your region. (Note: If you select a specific region, then random destinations will be shown only from that region.)

2. After pushing the red “GO” button, the globe starts to spin for about 20-30 secs and finds a random place for you.

3. A pop-up window will open with your destination. You can download and share your challenge card with your friends or tag other explorers on social media sites.

4. Also, you can learn more about your destination by watching videos or reading our travel guide.

What's The Purpose Behind This Travel Challenge?

We believe that traveling is suppose to be about exploration and discovery, not just about showcasing luxury on Instagram. 

Traveling is inherent in human nature. It enriches one’s life with profound experiences and instils knowledge, wisdom and fulfillment.

To aid this human endeavour, we have devised this fun travel challenge wherein we invite you to travel to a random destination rather than a planned one because we believe that a true explorer seeks novel experiences rather than a specific location.

It’s an attempt to reverse the current trend of influencers flooding social media with fake life and luxury trips, and to usher in a new generation of explorers who share authentic travel experiences of cultures, people, ideas, festivals, traditions, history, activities, and more.

This challenge is for those who want to break free from the stress, fear, anxiety and frustration of everyday life.

Take a leap of faith and push the red button and GOOO! – The force is with you!


Share your adventurous journey and challenge your explorer friends to “Spin the Globe.”

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