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[Spin The Globe] - NEW! Travel Challenge by Travopo

Take the new travel challenge – Spin the globe to find your next random destination.

What is "Spin The Globe" Challenge?

Spin The Globe is a fun exploration challenge in which you spin the globe and you are given a random destination from around the world to explore.

The destination can be a city, region or attraction. The destinations are shown randomly from our massive list of the best places to visit on planet earth before you die.

How To Take "Spin The Globe" Challenge?

  1. Enter the names of participants. Select your region. (If you select a specific region then random destinations will be shown only from that region.)
  3. After pushing the red Spin button, the globe starts to spin for about 20-30 secs and finds a random place for you.
  5. Once the pop up opens with a random destination. You can share this challenge with your friends or tag other explorers on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Whatsapp, Reddit and more.
  7. Also, you can learn about the destination by watching videos and reading Wikipedia.

What's The Purpose Behind This Travel Challenge?

Traveling is the consequence of human nature to learn, know, grow and absorb more and more experiences.

A true explorer will be more than willing to go to any random place on the planet, as long as he/she can have new experiences of different places, people, cultures, ideas, traditions, festivals, activities and more.

So it is in this context that Travopo challenges you to commit to exploring any random destination, which will enrich your life with maturity, wisdom, knowledge and ultimately help you to break your daily limiting cyclical patterns of thoughts and emotions.

Disclaimer: This challenge is not for the one who fears spontaneity, unknown and unpredictable. But if you are the one who craves growth, experience and challenges then without further ado, Gooo! Push that damn red button.🤘

Do share the story of your adventurous journey on your social accounts and tag your explorer friends to take up “Spin The Globe” challenge.

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