Frequently Asked Questions About Mykonos

When is the best time to travel to Mykonos?

The best time to visit Mykonos is generally between the months of April and October, when temperatures are warm and relatively dry. The summer months (July and August) tend to be the busiest, as well as the most expensive. If you’re looking for a quieter trip, consider visiting during the shoulder season in May or September. During these times, prices drop significantly while still offering great weather and plenty of activities on offer. For those seeking even more seclusion, winter months can provide a pleasant option if you don’t mind cooler temperatures. Even during this season there are plenty of attractions open year round such as local restaurants, shops and windmills that make for stunning photo opportunities!

Which area is good to stay in Mykonos?

The best area to stay in Mykonos depends on what type of trip you’re looking for. For those wanting a more relaxed, family-friendly vacation with easy access to the beach and nearby amenities, the south coast is an excellent option. Areas such as Agios Ioannis or Paradise Beach offer plenty of options for accommodation ranging from budget-friendly apartments to luxurious villas. Additionally, these areas have some of the best beaches on the island, making them ideal for families looking to enjoy a day at sea.

The popular attractions in Mykonos include:

1. The iconic windmills of Chora.

2. The beautiful beaches such as Paradise Beach, Super Paradise and Psarou.

3. Ancient ruins at the archaeological site of Delos.

4. Church Panagia Paraportiani located in the Old Town.

5. Little Venice, a picturesque waterfront district with traditional Cycladic houses.

6. Lighthouse of Alefkandra, which offers magnificent views over the Mediterranean Sea.

What are some good places to eat in Mykonos?

The best places to eat food in Mykonos include:

1. Kalita Restaurant, which serves a variety of Mediterranean dishes.

2. Sunset Taverna, located on the beachfront serving traditional Greek cuisine.

3. Nammos Village, an upmarket destination for seafood lovers.

4. Remezzo Bar & Grill, offering imaginative takes on classic Greek dishes.

5. Logaras Beach Bar & Restaurant, with great views over Ftelia Bay and delicious local specialties.

6. La Maison Ancienne, where you can enjoy French inspired dishes with a hint of Mediterranean flavors.

7. Matsuhisa Mykonos, a sushi restaurant offering the best of Japanese cuisine.

Which places are best for shopping in Mykonos?

The best places to do shopping in Mykonos are:

1. The Chora Shopping District, where you’ll find a variety of shops selling everything from souvenirs and Greek delicacies to fashion items and jewelry.

2. Fabrica Shopping Center for those looking for designer brands.

3. Matoyianni Street, which is one of the most popular spots for shoppers as it offers an array of boutiques selling unique items such as handmade accessories and traditional artworks.

4. Little Venice, which allows visitors to shop while enjoying stunning views over the Aegean Sea.

5. Agios Ioannis Beach Market, offering a wide selection of beachwear, jewelry and more.

6. Paradise Beach Shopping Center, a great place to find souvenirs and local products such as olive oil, pottery, and more.

7. For antique lovers, try the Kato Mili area where you can find vintage items from the 18th century.

What are the best places to enjoy nightlife in Mykonos?

The best nightlife options in Mykonos are:

1. Cavo Paradiso, located in Paradise Beach and known for hosting some of the hottest DJs from around the world.

2. Tropicana Club, a beachfront venue with theme nights and pool parties.

3. Scorpios, an outdoor club offering spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean cuisine.

4. 360 Cocktail Bar & Lounge, perfect for those looking to dance into the early hours of the morning.

5. Jackie O’ Beach Club, where guests can enjoy cocktails and listen to live music.

6. Paraga Beach Club, one of Mykonos’ most popular venues where you can experience an amazing party atmosphere.

What are some nearby day trips from Mykonos?

The best day trips near Mykonos include:

1. Delos, an archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site, located just a short boat ride away from the island.

2. Rheneia, the nearby islet on the west side of Mykonos which offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

3. Naxos, where you can visit famous sites such as Portara and explore beautiful beaches throughout the island.

4. Tinos, home to many picturesque villages and religious monuments such as Agia Triada Monastery.

5. Sifnos, a popular spot for hikers with its challenging terrain and stunning landscapes.

6. Serifos Island with its charming architecture, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches.

7. Kea Island, offering spectacular views from the top of its mountain and plenty of beaches for swimming and sunbathing.

8. Kythnos, known for its thermal springs and olive groves.