Frequently Asked Questions About Hokkaido

Hokkaido is one of Japan’s most exciting and diverse destinations. Boasting vibrant cities, stunning natural landscapes, ski resorts, hot springs, and a wide array of local attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Hokkaido. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, Hokkaido has something to offer. From exploring the buzzing streets of Sapporo to admiring the pristine beauty of Shiretoko National Park, your trip to Hokkaido is sure to be one you won’t soon forget. So come and explore all that this unique region has to offer!

Which time of the year is best to visit Hokkaido?

The best time to visit Hokkaido is from late May until the end of October. Spring (May-June) and autumn (September-October) are generally considered the best times to visit, as temperatures are mild and rainfall is minimal. Summer can be quite hot, while winter brings snowfall and cold temperatures. The Sapporo Snow Festival takes place in February and is a popular event that draws crowds from around the world. Whichever season you choose, be sure to bring appropriate clothing.

What are the fun things to do in Hokkaido?

There is no shortage of activities and attractions in Hokkaido. Here are some of the top things to do:


1. Visit Sapporo for the annual Snow Festival, held every February.

2. Explore the canals and waterways of Lake Toya, located near Mount Yotei.

3. Take a leisurely stroll through the Asahiyama Zoo and visit the animals housed there.

4. Enjoy the stunning onsen hot springs and natural beauty of Noboribetsu.

5. Make a trip to Hakodate and explore the city’s historical buildings and museums.

6. Get lost in nature with hiking, camping, water sports, and other outdoor activities in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park.

7. Sample some of the region’s freshest seafood and savor the unique flavors of Hokkaido cuisine.

8. Visit the Ainu Museum in Shiraoi to learn about Japan’s indigenous people, the Ainu.

9. Take a train ride on the Seikan Tunnel, which runs beneath the Tsugaru Strait and connects Hokkaido with Honshu.

10. Visit the Biei Hills for stunning views of lavender fields in summer or snow-covered hills in winter.

11. Enjoy some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Japan at places like Furano and Niseko.

12. Admire the natural beauty of Shiretoko National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

13. Discover Northern Hokkaido’s wild landscape with a visit to Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park or Lake Akan.

14. Take part in one of the many local festivals such as the Ishikari Heiya Matsuri and Sapporo Yosakoi Matsuri.

15. Visit Otaru, an old port city with beautiful canal views and traditional buildings.

Hokkaido is an incredibly diverse and beautiful region of Japan. Here are some of the best places to visit in Hokkaido:


1. Sapporo – Visit Sapporo for its vibrant city life, shopping streets, ski resorts, and annual Snow Festival.

2. Lake Toya – Relax by the tranquil waters and admire the majestic Mount Yotei.

3. Asahiyama Zoo – Enjoy up-close views of some of the world’s rarest animals in a beautiful setting.

4. Noboribetsu – Soak in hot springs, dine on fresh seafood, and explore the natural beauty of this area.

5. Hakodate – Stroll along the waterfront and visit historical buildings, museums, and parks.

6. Shikotsu-Toya National Park – Walk through tranquil forests or take part in a range of outdoor activities.

7. Ainu Museum – Learn about Japan’s indigenous people at this fascinating museum.

8. Seikan Tunnel – Take a train ride through the two-way tunnel that connects Hokkaido with Honshu.

9. Biei Hills – Admire stunning views of lavender fields in summer or snow-covered hills in winter.

10. Furano and Niseko – Experience some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Japan.

11. Shiretoko National Park – Hike through pristine forests and admire the breathtaking views of Lake Akan.

12. Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park – Discover wild landscapes, untouched by civilization.

13. Local Festivals – Attend some of Hokkaido’s most exciting festivals.

14. Otaru – Take a stroll along the canals and admire traditional buildings and architecture.

15. Asahikawa – Explore the city’s historical sites and visit nearby ski resorts for winter fun.