Frequently Asked Questions About Erg Chebbi

What is the best time to visit Erg Chebbi?

The best time to visit Erg Chebbi is between November and March. During this period, the climate is milder, temperatures are cooler and there is less chance of rain. This makes it a great time for exploring sand dunes and enjoying the stunning landscapes of Erg Chebbi. The months from April to October can be very hot; however, they can also be ideal for experiencing star-filled nights – something that only Erg Chebbi can offer!

Where to stay in Erg Chebbi when visiting?

The best area to stay in Erg Chebbi is M’Hamid. This small town is the gateway to the desert and provides easy access to all areas of the dunes. It also offers a variety of hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops to explore. M’Hamid is surrounded by stunning views that make it an ideal spot for taking photos or just relaxing in the tranquility of nature. There are also several tour companies based in M’Hamid that can arrange excursions into the surrounding desert area.

What are some of the best sights to see in Erg Chebbi?

The popular attractions in Erg Chebbi include:

1. Exploring the sand dunes, which are some of the largest and most impressive in Morocco.

2. Visiting a local nomadic camp to learn about their culture and lifestyle.

3. Taking part in camel or jeep safaris through the desert landscape.

4. Experiencing stunning sunsets over the horizon of rolling dunes.

5. Enjoying star-filled nights thanks to minimal light pollution.

6. Trying out traditional Moroccan cuisine at one of M’Hamid’s restaurants or cafes.

What are the best places to eat food in Erg Chebbi?

The best places to eat food in Erg Chebbi are:

1. La Kasbah, a traditional restaurant offering delicious tagines and local dishes.

2. Cafe des Dunes, serving up Mediterranean specialties with stunning views of the desert.

3. Souk M’Hamid, a bustling market where you can find fresh produce and street food.

4. Auberge du Sud, specializing in Moroccan cuisine with friendly service.

5. Le Berbere Palace, an upscale option for fine dining with international offerings.

The best places to do shopping in Erg Chebbi are:

1. Souk M’Hamid, a lively market with traditional crafts and souvenirs such as jewelry, carpets and clothing.

2. Le Berbere Palace, which has a great selection of local leather goods and art.

3. Café des Dunes, offering unique items such as silver jewelry and handmade pottery.

4. Local cafes, which sometimes sell items like shawls, scarves and hats.

5. La Kasbah, where you can find spices, teas and other delicacies from the region.

What are the best spots to enjoy nightlife in Erg Chebbi?

There are plenty of good nightlife options in Erg Chebbi, including:

1. Café des Dunes, which offers live music and traditional performances.

2. La Kasbah, a small bar and restaurant with nightly entertainment.

3. Souk M’Hamid, where you can find local musicians and street performers.

4. Le Berbere Palace, which hosts special events such as DJ nights and karaoke.

5. Local cafes and restaurants that often offer live music or other evening activities.

What are the best day trips to take from Erg Chebbi?

The best day trips near Erg Chebbi include:

1. A visit to the nearby town of Zagora, which is known for its famous pottery.

2. A camel safari through Ouarzazate and its surrounding desert region.

3. Exploring Todra Gorge, a stunning canyon located around two hours away.

4. Visiting Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, an ancient fortress that has been used as a setting in several films.

5. Taking a 4×4 tour to the nearby Draa Valley with its picturesque villages and palm groves.