Frequently Asked Questions About Apurimac Region

Apurimac Region is a stunningly beautiful area located in the Peruvian Andes, offering visitors a chance to experience both its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. From ancient Incan ruins to dramatic canyons, this region has something for everyone. The mild climate makes it an ideal destination year-round, with warm but not too hot summers and mild winters. Whether you want to experience the unique history of this area or explore its incredible natural beauty, Apurimac Region is sure to provide a memorable trip.

Which time of the year is best to visit Apurimac Region?

The best time to visit the Apurimac Region in Peru is during its dry season, which runs from May through October. During this period, temperatures are typically warm and sunny days are plentiful. Throughout the region, rainfall is minimal and humidity levels remain low. This makes it an ideal time for exploring the region’s diverse natural attractions since many of them can be accessed without difficulty. Additionally, the mild weather makes outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking more enjoyable than at other times of year. For those interested in cultural exploration, visiting during this time allows for more opportunities to experience local festivals and special events that take place throughout the region.

What are the fun things to do in Apurimac Region?

1. Trek the Inca Trail: This iconic trail takes visitors through some of the most stunning landscapes in Peru, including lush forests and snow-capped mountains.

2 Visit Ollantaytambo Ruins: The well-preserved Ollantaytambo ruins are an incredible reminder of Peru’s rich history, offering visitors a glimpse back in time to the town’s days as an important religious center for the Incas.

3 Explore Choquequirau Ruins: A lesser known but equally impressive set of ruins from pre-Inca times, Choquequirau is located high up in the Andes and provides visitors with breathtaking views of Apurimac Valley below.

4 Go rafting on the Apurimac River: The fast-flowing Apurimac River is one of Peru’s top destinations for white water rafting, and provides a thrilling adventure for thrill-seekers.

5 Visit the Abra Malaga National Park: Home to an incredible array of flora and fauna, this national park offers visitors a chance to catch glimpses of some of Peru’s most exotic wildlife while exploring its stunning landscapes.

6 Take a Hot Springs Soak: Relax in one of the region’s many hot springs and soak up the therapeutic mineral waters that make their way up from deep within the earth.

1. Cuzco: As the former capital of the Inca Empire, this vibrant city is filled with incredible historical sites and architectural wonders that make it a must-visit for anyone exploring Peru.

2. Machu Picchu: This world-famous site needs no introduction – one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, it’s a unique and unforgettable experience.

3. Lake Titicaca: This majestic lake is the highest navigable body of water in the world, and provides visitors with stunning views as well as opportunities for sailing, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

4. Manu Wildlife Reserve: One of the most biodiverse areas in Peru, this reserve is a must-see for any nature lover, as it’s home to a vast array of wildlife including jaguars, macaws, and more.

5. Choquequirau Ruins: Located high up in the Andes Mountains, these pre-Inca ruins offer visitors a chance to explore Peru’s ancient past.

6. Apurimac Canyon: The deepest canyon in the world, this stunning natural attraction provides visitors with breathtaking views of its steep cliffs and rugged terrain.

7. Colca Canyon: This iconic canyon is one of the deepest in the world, and offers a unique opportunity to explore its unique geography.