Top 10 T.V Shows of 2022, So Far

As 2022 kicked into Action, we have been given amazing shows like Pachinko, Craziness of Euphoria, The Mysterious Ozark and Moon Knight. This year has brought us a lot of amazing content by Netflix, Amazon, Apple etc., like the Korean Masters creating Magic in Pachinko or HBO Targeting the youth with its content in Euphoria.
There’s something about laying down in your bed and binging TV Shows; Well, why even think of going out when you have all these amazing shows waiting for you. As we stayed indoors during this horrible Pandemic, this started a new revolution for Streaming services. The Production Houses started Hiring Big Directors and Actors to create Web Series. This competition between them just keeps giving us great shows and seasons.
To stay in touch with the best shows of 2022, we’ve chosen the best shows this year from different streaming services and listed them down for you.

1. Peacemaker (HBO Max)

Being a Direct spun off of Suicide Squad, this show by James Gunn is a very different superhero story. The Lead Actor in the show is John Cena, and trust us; you can clearly see him in this one. Even though Peacemaker is just the DC version of Michael Scott, you will love this oblivious yet likeable character created by James Gunn. All the 8 Episodes have Gunn’s trademark humour and comic book style violence. If you are looking for some Funny Action, then blast on the Peacemaker on HBO Max.

2. Moon Knight (Disney Hotstar)

An Ancient Egyptian god turned into a superhero, well thanks to Marvel for this British Egyptian Character. Moon Knight is adapted from the Comic series of the same name by Marvel, starring Oscar Isaac in the lead role. Oscar’s marvellous acting ability has been portrayed in this show; he plays a character with a double personality which showcases us his acting abilities. The Storyline, The Pace, The Acting and the CGI pulled in the audience to appreciate the show; you stay hooked from the first episode. Stream Moon Knight on Disney Hotstar +, and enjoy the antics of this White Caped Crusader.

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3. Abbott Elementary (Disney Hotstar)

This has to be one of the most wholesome shows of 2022. Abbott Elementary is about a group of teachers of Philadelphia Elementary School just trying to work their butt off for the student’s future. The show reflects on the concept of how underpaid teachers while fighting the injustice thrown upon them by the Principal. An amazing show to watch with your family, it has its moments and it keeps you hooked throughout.

4. All Of Us Are Dead (Netflix)

By now, we should all know that you can’t beat the Koreans in creating suspenseful thrillers or shows of any genre. After the global success of Squid Games, the world opened itself more to the Korean industry and then All of Us are Dead was launched. The show is about a Zombie outbreak taking place inside the school premises, but there is a student who might have the cure to stop this zombie attack. Binge All of Us are Dead now on Netflix and enjoy this teenage zombie escape drama.

5. Severance (Apple TV)

You know when they say “Leave your Home Problems back at home” at Offices? Ya, that’s what Severance is about. A world where your personal memories are wiped out right before you enter the office. All you’re left with is your work-related memories. Now someone needs to hide this concept from the Corporate Owners. This show explores a lot on how the human mind works and how it can be controlled by the big bulls.

6. Pam & Tommy (Disney Hotstar)

Pam and Tommy are known as the freest and most scandalous celebrity couple ever in the showbiz. This show takes us through the lives of this fun yet weird couple and the aftermath of the sex tape which made them famous. The Leak of the Sex Tape was a turning point for Pamela Anderson’s career, and it wasn’t as bad as the CGI Penis on Sebastian Stan in this show. This show is perfect for any adult who wants to relive the sensational wild era of the 90s, where Pamela was their fantasy parade.

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7. Under the Banner of Heaven (Hulu)

The Amazing Andrew Garfield is considered to be the greatest actor of his generation. He plays a detective name Jeb Pyre investigating a murder of a Mormon mother and her child. The show is based on a novel by the same name by John Krakauer. It explores the Mormon religious faith and its rituals. The Cinematography and Direction by Dustin Lance Black feels like a top budget Hollywood movie. To add on the top, they have multiple times academy award-nominated star in the lead. Under the Banner of the Heaven is a must-watch. Stream it now on Hulu.

8. Euphoria (Disney Hotstar)

Euphoria is a teenage drama filled with weird teenagers, drugs, alcohol and everything you would see in a hippy’s trailer. This show has spread across social media like wildfire. The young groups are connecting to the characters and their stories. Actors like Zendaya, Jacob Elordi and Sydney Sweenie have had a massive fan following because of Euphoria’s Success. Rue, played by Zendaya, is a character which the young audience appreciated a lot, following her relapse and how the character grows into a whole different person in the second season. Zendaya is the only Disney Kid who didn’t go batshit crazy after success, and we love her for that. Watch Euphoria on Disney Hotstar +.

9. Ozark (Netflix)

Ozark is as crazy as it comes. Jason Bateman has shown the world why he is one of the best actors out there. This show is entertaining and depressing all at once. This thrilling Narco series told from the perspective of the Mob’s money launderer is a show which deserves its place in the top 10 shows of 2022. Dope, Crime, Corruption, Drowning Babies, it has everything. The crime drama has come to an end with its 4th season. That means now is the perfect time to binge on Ozark. Watch it now on Netflix.

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10. Pachinko (Apple TV)

Apple TV has upped its game up a notch by creating a show like Pachinko, based on the novel by the same name by Min Jin Lee. The show has Youn Yuh Jung on the forefront, a Korean actor who won the academy award for her amazing performance in Minari. Pachinko is based during a period of Japanese colonized South Korea and the inhumane acts bestowed upon the Koreans in Japan. Pachinko exceeds the hype, the directing duo of Kogonada and Justin Chon have created a wonderful drama with this story and cast.

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