Frequently Asked Questions About Split

Split is a vibrant and colorful city in Croatia with plenty of attractions to explore and activities to enjoy. Its impressive historical architecture, stunning beaches, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and lively nightlife make it an ideal holiday destination for those looking for a memorable experience. Whether you’re looking for culture, adventure or relaxation, Split has something for everyone. With its many cultural sites, natural beauty spots and shopping streets, this charming city promises a unique blend of the old and the new. From soaking up the atmosphere on Riva Promenade to exploring ancient ruins in Solin or taking a day trip to nearby islands such as Hvar and Vis – there are so many exciting experiences waiting around every corner in Split!

The best time to visit Split, Croatia is from April through October. The months of April and May are the most pleasant with average temperatures ranging between 16-25°C. June through August is when the city experiences its peak season, boasting sunny days and temperatures in the mid-20s to low-30s (°C). September and October are also great times for a visit as the warm weather continues until around late October. That said, any time of year is great for visiting Split because it rarely gets too cold or hot meaning you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round!

The best area to stay in Split is the historic Old Town, or Stari Grad. This charming and colorful neighborhood has a number of attractions including Diocletian's Palace, Peristyle Square, Riva Promenade and Marjan Hill. Plus, it's full of plenty of restaurants and shops. Other popular areas for accommodation are the more modern districts located outside the city walls such as Bačvice Beach and Meje. Here you'll find luxury hotels, trendy restaurants and buzzing nightlife spots.

The popular attractions in Split are:

1. Diocletian's Palace - a UNESCO World Heritage site with ancient Roman ruins and palatial apartments.

2. Peristyle Square - a beautiful square located inside the palace walls.

3. Riva Promenade - a walkway along the waterfront that is lined with cafes, restaurants and bars.

4. Marjan Hill - an idyllic hillside park which offers breathtaking views of the city and mountains.

5. Bačvice Beach - one of the most popular beaches in Split with crystal clear waters and rocky coves.

6. Meje - this modern district has plenty of trendy eateries, shops, galleries and nightlife spots.

7. Cathedral of St. Domnius - a stunning cathedral located in the heart of the Old Town with impressive architecture.

8. Klis Fortress - an ancient fortress just outside of Split that offers spectacular views over the town and surrounding countryside.

9. Poljud Stadium - home of Croatia's most popular football team, Hajduk Split. The stadium regularly hosts international games and concerts throughout the year.

10. Manastirine Caves - these fascinating caves are well worth exploring for their natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

The best places to eat food in Split are:

1. Zlatna Školjka – serving some of the freshest and tastiest seafood dishes in town.

2. Konoba Varos – located within Diocletian’s Palace walls, this quaint restaurant serves up traditional Croatian cuisine with a modern twist.

3. Duje – a lively spot along Riva Promenade that specialises in grilled meats, local seafood and vegetarian dishes.

4. Trattoria Bajamonti– a romantic bistro with delicious Italian fare including pizza, pasta and more.

5. Bacchus Taverna – an outdoor terrace eatery offering great views of the city, with specialities such as squid ink risotto and grilled fish.

6. Pimpinella – an old favourite serving Italian and other Mediterranean dishes in a relaxed environment.

7. NoStress – a popular place for burgers, sandwiches, salads and much more.

8. Kitchen5 – perfect for those seeking some tasty international cuisine from around the world.

The best places to do shopping in Split are:

1. Diocletian’s Palace – the historic palace area is home to some of the city’s most interesting shops and souvenir stores. Here you can find traditional Croatian handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and more.

2. Riva Promenade – this touristy strip has plenty of unique boutiques selling everything from apparel to artworks.

3. Marmontova Street – a pedestrianised street lined with designer stores, international brands and jewellery shops.

4. Bačvice Beach – while most of the beachfront is taken up by restaurants and bars, there are also some small stalls selling beachwear, souvenirs and other items.

5. Meje – this upmarket district has some of the city’s most exclusive stores, as well as plenty of other options for those seeking a more budget-friendly shopping experience.

6. Split Market – a great place to pick up fresh produce, local delicacies and much more.

7. Mestrovic Gallery – an art gallery that sells original works by Croatia’s famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic, as well as posters, books and other items.

The best nightlife options in Split are:

1. Bačvice Beach – a lively beachfront strip packed with bars, clubs and live music venues.

2. Meje – this trendy district is the perfect spot for those seeking sophisticated bars, hip cafes and late-night clubs.

3. Riva Promenade – a popular spot for evening drinks or an evening stroll along the waterfront.

4. Poljud Stadium – not only does it host major football matches, but it also hosts some great concerts throughout the year.

5. The Garden – an outdoor nightclub that plays various music genres from around the world.

6. Bacchus Taverna – a romantic place to enjoy dinner and drinks with views over the city.

7. Maraschino Club – a small club with regular DJs and dance nights, as well as occasional live bands.

8. Kocka – a lively spot for drinks, cocktails and beers in the heart of the old town.

The best day trips near Split are:

1. Trogir – a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site located 15 kilometers away, featuring medieval architecture and winding cobblestone streets.

2. Krka National Park – home to spectacular waterfalls, picturesque lakes and lush forests, it is only 50 minutes drive from Split.

3. Hvar Island – a popular holiday destination known for its dramatic landscapes, beaches and nightlife. It can be reached by ferry from Split in under two hours.

4. Solin – an ancient town with ruins of Roman temples and other buildings, located just 10 kilometers away from the city center.

5. Klis Fortress – perched atop a hill overlooking the city of Split, this imposing fortress dates back to the 10th century.

6. Brela – a charming coastal village with stunning beaches, caves and plenty of outdoor activities for visitors.

7. Blue Cave – located on the nearby island of Biševo, this natural wonder is best viewed at dawn or dusk when sunlight reflects off its white walls in shades of blue.

8. Vis Island – an island paradise with clear waters, sandy beaches and some incredible historical sites. It can be reached by ferry from Split in just two hours.