Frequently Asked Questions About Zagora

Visiting Zagora in Morocco is an unforgettable experience. This desert oasis offers a unique combination of rich cultural heritage, stunning views, and plenty of activities and attractions to keep you entertained throughout your stay. From Kasbah Taourirt to Erg Chigaga sand dunes, there’s something for everyone in this historic region. Enjoy the vibrant souks and local markets, explore ancient archaeological sites such as Amzroq, or relax in a traditional hammam after a long day exploring. You’re sure to find something that will satisfy your wanderlust when visiting Zagora! With its welcoming locals and warm atmosphere, Zagora is the perfect destination for travelers seeking an authentic Moroccan experience.

What is the best time to visit Zagora?

The best time to visit Zagora, Morocco depends on your specific preferences. For those looking for a warm climate, the summer months (June-August) are ideal with temperatures reaching as high as 39 degrees Celsius. If you’re looking to take advantage of the relatively cooler temperatures and smaller tourist crowds, then spring (March-May) or autumn (September-November) are good choices. Additionally, winter in Zagora can provide some breathtaking views of the surrounding desert landscape due to its cooler temperatures and barren terrain. No matter when you choose to visit Zagora, it’s certain to be an unforgettable experience!

What are the best things to do in Zagora?

The best things to do in Zagora are:


1. Visit the ancient Kasbahs. The 18th century old fortified towns provide an insight into the former glories of this region and have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Explore the nearby desert on a 4×4 Adventure tour. This is one of the most popular activities in Zagora, allowing you to drive across dunes and visit nomadic camps in spectacular landscapes.

3. Take a journey through time by visiting local archaeological sites such as Tafraout and Amzroq. There are many artifacts from prehistoric times which make fascinating viewing for history buffs.

4. Sample traditional Moroccan cuisine at local restaurants or cafes. From tagines to couscous, you can find a variety of delicious dishes in Zagora.

5. Visit the nearby oasis town of Tamegrout. Here you’ll find mud-brick buildings, a vibrant souk and plenty of great shops where you can pick up souvenirs for your journey home.

6. Enjoy a camel ride into the desert sunset at Erg Chigaga. This is one of the most popular activities in Zagora and will provide you with some magical memories.

7. Get creative in the local art workshops and craft markets. There are plenty of unique, hand-crafted items which make for perfect gifts or souvenirs for your journey home.

8. Relax in a traditional hammam (steam bath). This is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day exploring Zagora’s many attractions and sights.

9. Explore the nearby Dades Valley and enjoy some spectacular views of the High Atlas Mountains from the comfort of your car or on foot.

10. Visit the local markets for unique souvenirs, jewelry, carpets and other handmade items that make perfect gifts for friends and family back home.

The best places to visit in Zagora are:

1. Kasbah of Taourirt – This 18th-century fort is one of the most impressive historical sites in Morocco and a must-see for any visitor to Zagora.

2. Erg Chigaga Dunes – peerless sand dunes that stretch up to 300 meters high into the sky and make for an unforgettable experience under the stars.

3. Dades Valley – The spectacular landscape of this mountain valley makes it an essential destination for anyone visiting Zagora, with stunning views from its many lookout points.

4. Tamegrout Oasis – A traditional Moroccan oasis surrounded by mud-brick buildings and a vibrant souk, giving you a glimpse into the culture and history of this region.

5. Amzroq – A prehistoric site with artifacts dating back centuries, making for a fascinating history lesson about Moroccan civilization.

6. Tafraout – An ancient ruin with an array of archaeological remains, perfect for those interested in Moroccan history and culture.

7. Jbel Zagora National Park – One of Morocco’s most picturesque national parks, with stunning views of the High Atlas Mountains and lush vegetation to explore.

8. Local markets – Souks throughout Zagora provide visitors with ample opportunities to purchase unique items such as jewelry, carpets and souvenirs.

9. Traditional hammams – A great way to relax after a long day of sightseeing and sample the traditional Moroccan spa culture.

10. Local restaurants and cafes – Enjoying some traditional Moroccan cuisine is a must for any visitor to Zagora, with plenty of options available throughout the town.